Should I Start an Elimination Diet?

If you want to lose weight, you might want to try an elimination diet to find out if you're really doing it. This diet involves eliminating one food group for a specified period of time. The most popular one today is the grapefruit diet. In this article, I will share with you how long does it take to lose weight using this diet. Read on! DescriptionAn elimination diet, sometimes called special diet, is a diagnostic method used to identify foods which an individual can't eat without negative consequences. Negative consequences may be caused by food intolerance, food allergy, other metabolic mechanisms, or some combination of them. For instance, fruits which are high in sugar can cause rapid weight gain due to the insulin spike during the digestion process. Fruits which are low in sugar but contain lots of fiber can cause weight loss due to the water retention that occurs in the first hour after eating. Thus, a dietitian may recommend a restricted diet plan to test your tolerance to food and weight loss potential. How Long Does it Take to Lose Weight? It depends on several factors such as your body type and overall health condition. For instance, if you are extremely overweight and have chronic diseases like diabetes, cardio vascular disease, heart disease, etc., you will probably not see significant weight loss in the first two weeks. On the other hand, if you are healthy and fit, a two week test should be more than enough to identify if this kind of diet is suitable for you. However, if you are not healthy or fit and you are at least overweight, you may start to notice a significant weight loss in the first week.

When Should I Start an Elimination Diet? The best time to start an elimination diet is when you feel that you are susceptible to dieting programs. The program should not begin immediately because you should gradually introduce it to your daily routine. It is better to start a small program and see how you do with it. If you fail in the first week, you can always try again in two weeks. How Effective is it in Losing Fat? It has great effect in weight loss if combined with an exercise. Try to include cardiovascular exercises in your daily routine such as jogging, swimming, walking, etc. You can also include a good fat burning food in your diet plan to boost the effects of your diet. This can include raw nuts, seeds, olive oil, coconut oil, lean meats and cheese. How Effective is it in Controlling Food Cravings? An important question to ask yourself when undergoing a diet is: "How would I feel if this diet is not effective in my body?" Your body will always try to satisfy its hunger with something that is satisfying and not harmful to the body. Therefore, it is necessary that you try to balance your diet. Try to avoid craving foods and see how your cravings go after the diet.